SIBU, June 10 — The Mid Rajang Regional Development Agency (MiRRDA) is drafting an action plan and listing development projects to be implemented in the region through the 2030 Development Strategy Workshop held here for three days starting today.

Chaired by National Unity Minister Datuk Seri Aaron Ago Dagang, the MiRRDA workshop, in collaboration with the Sarawak Premier’s Department, is attended by 140 participants to determine the direction of the action plan and related development projects.

Participants include representatives from 11 ministries, 10 state government departments, 44 divisional departments and agencies, as well as community leaders from four state constituencies.


Aaron said the planning for this workshop was initiated over a year ago, following MiRRDA’s allocation of RM1.5 billion from the Sarawak Government in 2022 to finance its activities.

“This is a major workshop, it is public, and we will conduct strategic planning, but each subsequent activity will involve commercial sectors, agriculture, and so on, and each development project will have its own workshop,” he told reporters after delivering his keynote address at the workshop today.

He said the main objective of MiRRDA’s development projects is to uplift socio-economic status and ultimately eradicate poverty, aligning with the objectives of PCDS 2030.


Earlier, Sibu Divisional Resident, Abang Mohamad Porkan Abang Budiman, said the workshop was organised to refine and elaborate on project proposals discussed during last year’s mini-labs.

He hoped that the workshop could be utilised to formulate a comprehensive action plan in line with Sarawak’s aspirations and PCDS 2030, identifying strategic initiatives to achieve MiRRDA’s mission and goals to accelerate development in the central Rajang region. — Bernama