PUTRAJAYA, May 27 ― A total of 11,713 candidates who sat for the 2023 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination obtained excellent results with grades A+, A and A- in all subjects, said Education Director-General Azman Adnan.

Announcing the results here today, he said the achievement of the 2023 SPM candidates was better with them recording a National Average Grade (GPN) of 4.60 compared to 4.74 by the candidates in the previous year.

A smaller GPN value indicates better candidate achievement.


“A total of 226,358 candidates of the total 373,255 candidates who sat for the 2023 SPM obtained at least a pass in all subjects they took compared to 57.1 per cent or 213,624 candidates in 2022.

“A total of 93.5 per cent or 349,297 candidates are eligible for the 2023 SPM certificate compared to 342,742 candidates who sat for the examination in 2022,” he said.

“This increase of 1.9 per cent is the best achievement since 2013,” he said.


He said the 2023 SPM results showed a total of 66 subjects recorded an increase in performance, 25 subjects recorded a drop and four subjects with no change in performance.

He said the performance of all core subjects in the 2023 SPM examination, namely Malay, English, Islamic Education, Moral Education, History, Mathematics and Science improved.

“Moral Education shows the highest improvement in the performance of 0.20 points, while Bahasa Melayu shows the best performance with a Subject Average Grade (GPMP) of 3.86 points,” he said.

For the elective subjects, he said, 50 subjects showed an increase in performance, 19 subjects showed a decrease and no change in one subject.

“All four STEM elective subjects (Pure Science and Additional Mathematics) showed improvement, with Physics recording the highest performance of 0.22 points,” he said, adding that Physics is also the subject with the best performance in the group with a GPMP of 4.15 points.

Meanwhile, Azman told a press conference after announcing the 2023 SPM results that the Ministry of Education (MoE) will identify the reasons for the absence of more than 10,000 SPM 2023 candidates.

Despite the huge number of absentees, he said, it showed a drop from the previous year.

Asked about the ban on holding an appreciation ceremony for the SPM candidates which went viral on social media, Azman said that was not true.

“The ministry does not ban holding an appreciation ceremony for the SPM 2023 candidates, but we suggest that it be held after the school holidays,” he said. ― Bernama