GEORGE TOWN, May 20 — The Digital Ministry is pushing for a new policy to roll out 5G private networks in the country to benefit various industries.

Minister Gobind Singh said his ministry will still need to discuss this proposal with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

“Ultimately, we want to look and see how we can encourage adoption of 5G technology by more industries across the country,” he told reporters after visiting Clarion Malaysia’s private 5G-enabled smart manufacturing plant here today.

He said every industry, from manufacturing to health and agriculture, will need to move towards digital transformation.


He said the nationwide adoption rate for 5G technology is 80.8 per cent while in Penang, it is 90 per cent, but this refers to consumer use.

“Now the question is how to empower and encourage 5G private network use in industries and the government also has a role to play for the industry to have access to 5G,” he said.

“This 5G private network enterprise is bespoke and can be catered to meet the requirements of a particular industry,” he added.


He explained that private network providers can approach the necessary parties, propose what is required, and design 5G networks that are tailored to their respective requirements.

He said the ministry wants to promote the use of more 5G private networks as it could lead to better efficiency, maximise productivity, and is also cost effective.

He added that the system provided by private networks will be more secure compared to ordinary networks.

“The question now is whether my ministry can push for a higher adoption rate of 5G private networks, that’s our focus now,” he said.

He said that collaboration between different parties to combine technology and proper private networks, can transform different businesses and lead to different results.

“We are focusing on key areas such as the health sector, of course, the manufacturing sector, and agriculture and aquaculture,” he said.

He said all light industrial areas and major industrial parks should also be prepared and “all wired up” to be able to adopt 5G private networks.

He said new factories and plants are being built throughout the country daily but they want to make sure these factories are built 5G-ready.

“We don’t want these factories to be built with old technology because when they need to upgrade in the future, it would take up higher costs,” he said.

Gobind said the adoption of 5G private network for the production line of industries will play a significant role in driving productivity and competitiveness in Malaysia.

“In Clarion Malaysia, we can see for ourselves how a 5G network empowers the manufacturing industry,” he said.

Clarion Malaysia, a global automotive supplier specialising in in-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) equipment, today showcased its AI and robotics-based advanced manufacturing line that is powered by a 5G private network from YTL Communications and Cnergenz’s smart manufacturing solutions.

“By embracing the Yes 5G Private Network and AI-based innovation, Clarion Malaysia is now able to digitally transform our manufacturing approach and reduce our processing time by 70 per cent, with enhanced materials management, improved efficiency and higher quality — leading to lower operational costs and better production quality,” said Clarion Malaysia managing director Tan Teong Khin.