KUALA LUMPUR, May 16 — Dewan Negara today expressed its condolences to the family of its late Speaker, Datuk Mutang Tagal who died last Friday.

The speech was delivered by Dewan Negara Deputy Speaker Senator Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed at the swearing-in ceremony of members of the Senate.

“Honourable members and all present, this House is also saddened by the passing of the 20th Speaker of Dewan Negara, Datuk Mutang Tagal on May 10.


“In this regard, the Dewan Negara would like to express its condolences to all the members of the deceased’s family and pray that they will find courage in this tribulation,” he said.

He said that the passing of the deceased is a great loss to the country, especially the Senate for his contributions and services at national and international level.

“He was a a friendly figure to the people and was highly committed in devoting his service to the country until the end of his life. All his services and sacrifices will surely be remembered by the people forever,” he said.


Recalling their moments together, Nur Jazlan said he was with the deceased during the courtesy visit of the Speaker of the Senate to Azerbaijan, early last month.

“I myself served as his deputy for almost three months and was with him in Azerbaijan recently and went through a period that broke my heart because of his caring attitude and was a person who cared about the welfare of the people.

“I was with him from Azerbaijan to the place where he was buried in Miri... I pray for him to be blessed,” he said.

Mutang, who was appointed as the 20th Speaker of Dewan Negara on February 19, died at the National Heart Institute in Kuala Lumpur at the age of 69 last Friday. — Bernama