GEORGE TOWN, May 4 ― Malaysia's latest position in the Press Freedom Index is still considered good compared to the previous government, said Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil.

He said that although Malaysia was ranked 107th based on the 2024 World Press Freedom Index Report published by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) yesterday, the position was not that bad.

“Being at 107 (in the Press Freedom Index), that for me is still an unsatisfactory achievement but it's not too bad either. In 2021, we are on the 119th rung while in 2022, we were ranked 113th.


“However, the current position is still good compared to the previous administration,” he told reporters after visiting the Ministry of Communications' premises in conjunction with the Madani Rakyat 2024 North Zone Programme at the Sungai Nibong Pesta site, near here today.

Fahmi was commenting on the 2024 World Press Freedom Index Report which showed Malaysia's position in the World Press Freedom Index fell 34 places to 107th position compared to 73 last year, with a score of 52.07 points.

Commenting on the strategy to improve press freedom, Fahmi said he and RSF agreed to hold a series of meetings and discussions to deal with fake news or the spread of false information in the country.


“They (RSF) have given this commitment. So, God willing, in the near future we will have a follow-up meeting. I am taking the report (RSF) with an open heart.

“There is a lot that needs to be examined because not all of them match the eastern values or manners we practise in Malaysia, but we will carefully implement the improvements (press freedom) that we want to see and practice in Malaysia,” he said.

Fahmi, who is also the spokesperson of the unity government, reiterated that the government will not compromise with any party that abuses the concept of press freedom by touching on the 3R issue (race, religion and royalty) besides spreading slander and fake news.

He said this was because there were some parties who deliberately played on the 3R issue after the formation of the unity government.

“Some of those websites have been taken action and MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) also informed that these websites are actually spreading fake news and playing the 3R issue,” he said. ― Bernama