IPOH, April 22 — About 100 staff of Tasek Corporation Berhad staff, one of the oldest integrated cement plant in Malaysia, picketed in front of their factory at Tasek Industrial Park, near here today, after management refused to accept a proposed impartial collective agreement (CA) that contains 44 articles.

Peninsula Malaysia Cement Industry Employees Union (CIEU) secretary-general P. Thamotharan said the term of the 17th CA had ended in June 2022 but discussions held with the management for the proposed new CA has not been fruitful.

The management has only agreed to 33 of the 44 proposed articles submitted on February 9 and March 19, 2024, thus 11 proposals were not accepted despite several meetings and discussions.

“The proposed 11 articles that were not accepted were those related to claims, remuneration for staff according to their expertise as well as medical benefits to the staff because the health of employees must be given importance.


“We have also requested the management to review the shift allowance because there has been no review for the past six years and we are also demanding maternity leave, housing allowance and minimum wages,” he told members of the media, here today.

Meanwhile, Perak Human Resources, Health, Indian Community Affairs and National Integration Committee chairman A. Sivanesan and Perak Human Resource Department (JTK) director Muhamad Fauzi Abd Ghani arrived at the location.

Thamotharan added that what suprised the CIEU was when informed that the management had lodged a complaint to the Industrial Department under Section 18 (1) of the Industrial Relations Act 1967 with reference to the proposed CA.


Sivanesan who had entered the factory’s premises later held a meeting with the management to find a solution to the matter.

He added that during his meeting with the management, the management agreed to resume discussions with the union and that both parties would be given two weeks to try and resolve the matter.

“If both parties fail to achieve an agreement within the given time, JPPM will start further action while the union also agreed to end their picketing today,” he said.

According to Sivanesan, the reason offered by the management for refusing the 11 articles was the financial impact to the company if the 11 articles were accepted and that the company would not be able to fulfil the obligations. — Bernama