KUALA LUMPUR, April 16 — Local animation studio Animonsta Studios (Monsta) is currently collaborating with Google and YouTube to restore its official YouTube account which was recently hacked and changed into another account.

Monsta in a statement today, informed that the restoration effort involves retrieving thousands of Monsta video content which have garnered billions of views since the channel was established over a decade ago.

“The official ‘Monsta Channel’ YouTube account primarily engages millions of family members and young viewers not only in Malaysia but across the region.

“Reportedly, the cyber-attack has affected nearly over a million daily views. Monsta is addressing this breach of ethics with the utmost seriousness,” the statement read.


Monsta media director, Faiz Zainal Aabidin in the same statement said the incident has highlighted vulnerabilities in the security of every social media platform.

“We are learning from this experience and planning to collaborate with more official television broadcasting stations in each Southeast Asian country.

“Perhaps local television stations or official streaming platforms like Netflix could offer more stability in broadcasting and gain more trust from Monsta’s loyal viewers. We have many series currently in the pipeline,” Faiz Zainal said.


On a separate note, production is ongoing for the second season of BoBoiBoy Galaxy and the third season of Mechamato, which are set to premiere soon, according to MONSTA. — Bernama