PUTRAJAYA, April 13 — Malaysia strongly condemns the merciless attacks by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) yesterday in Rafah, which blatantly targeted and injured several humanitarian aid convoy and volunteers, including those operated by Ops Ihsan from Malaysia.

The Malaysian Foreign Ministry in a statement today said the attack against humanitarian workers, volunteers, and unarmed individuals undertaking relief efforts is totally unacceptable.

“These shameless acts of violence on Israel’s part reek of cruelty and inhumanity beyond any comprehension or justification. It is no longer sufficient to chastise these atrocities from the sidelines,” the statement read.


The ministry said it is high time for the international community to band together and demand that Israel stop these indiscriminate acts and be held responsible for their crimes.

“Where once Israel made dubious claims that these were necessary measures of self-defence, its actions since October of last year have clearly signalled the opposite: Israel is very much the aggressor.

“At a time when aid is urgently needed to reach Palestinians, the Israeli regime has continuously imposed obstacles and obstructions and threatened safety to starve the old, the sick, women and children, and terrorise them,” it said.


According to the ministry, this is the second time that Ops Ihsan’s operations have been disrupted, and the lives of its volunteers needlessly jeopardised.

“The first attack took place on March 14, 2024 and claimed the lives of eight Palestinians and left more than twenty others injured,” it said. — Bernama