KUCHING, April 3 — Human rights activist Peter John Jaban today urged Sarawakians not to be easily influenced by hate speeches and religious intolerance propagated by political opportunists and religious bigots in Peninsular Malaysia

He said arson and terrorism are foreign to Sarawakian culture, and they must uphold the values of peace, respect, and inclusivity.

“It is crucial to recognise that we, the Sarawakians, known for our secularism and tolerance, must resist the allure of emulating the extremism seen among some Malayan Malays,” he said in a statement when responding to a recent firebombing of a KK Mart store in Jalan Satok here.

Jaban, who is also the Sarawak Association of People’s Aspiration (SAPA) information chief, said the “Allah” socks controversy involving a KK Mart store in Peninsular Malaysia has reverberated across the business and investment landscape, signaling a dangerous trend of targeting businesses based on political or ideological differences.


He said the use of hate speech and intolerance as tools to undermine businesses not only tarnishes Malaysia's reputation but also threatens its economic stability.

“These incidents are symptomatic of a broader issue, that is, a culture of intolerance and bigotry fuelled by hate preachers and political opportunists,” he said.

“This troubling pattern not only erodes social cohesion but also exposes systemic failures in law enforcement and governance,” he added.


Jaban reminded Sarawakians of the need for a united front against hate speech, religious intolerance, and terrorism.

He also called for swift and decisive action to identify and punish the perpetrators responsible for instigating the violent acts.