KUCHING, March 30 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim stressed today that Malaysia must have clear and responsible investment policies to attract foreign investors.

He said when he was in Germany to lead a Malaysian delegation on an official visit recently, many investors wanted an explanation from Malaysia regarding its policies.

“As a result, many have expressed their interest to invest in Malaysia, and they want to come to Kulim and Johor,” he said in his speech before breaking fast at Masjid Al-Muttaqin here.

“Many investors have picked Sarawak in terms of energy transition.”


He noted that Sarawak has a clear policy, coupled with political stability and strong leadership that concentrates on the development of the country, adding that it knows how to choose green and renewable energy that is required by the world.

“Then there is the question of digitalisation that the state government is currently undertaking.

“I raise this issue because sometimes we, especially in Peninsular Malaysia and among the Muslim community, are still stuck with old issues...always wanting to quarrel and be angry at other people,” he said.


The prime minister took a swipe at social media that blew out of proportion minor differences.

“We should learn from Sarawak. The state is peaceful, we see here all the communities are here. The Malays, Dayaks, Melanaus, Orang Ulu and Chinese live peacefully and in harmony,” he said referring to those who attended the event.

He said this means that there exists a spirit of racial unity in Malaysia, and certainly Sarawak has this kind of spirit.

“That is why I have said earlier that when there is political stability in Malaysia we can concentrate on implementing our main policies,” he said.