PUTRAJAYA, March 7 — The teachings of the Ahmadi “Religion of Light and Peace” go against the Islamic law, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Datuk Mohd Na’im Mokhtar.

Mohd Na’im said he would ensure that social media content related to these teachings are immediately removed to safeguard the community from their influence.

“As the minister overseeing religious affairs, I take this matter seriously and I have directed all agencies under my authority to closely monitor the dissemination of these teachings on social media.

“We want such content to be taken down because we don’t want the younger generation and social media users to be influenced by these teachings,” he told reporters after officiating at the Keluarga Madani seminar here today.


He said the ministry has held discussions with the Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the police, on the removal of content related to Ahmadi teachings from social media and measures to address the issue.

Mohd Na’im expressed concern over the potential influence of individuals with limited religious knowledge who might be swayed by those using Arabic words on social media.

This concern arose following the emergence of a TikTok account, purportedly owned by the ‘bishop’ or leader of The Ahmadi ‘Religion of Light and Peace,’ which has garnered over 30,000 followers and receives responses during live broadcasts on the TikTok app.


As such, he admitted the need to increase the deployment of Islamic religious affairs officers (cadres) at MCMC to combat the spread of deviant teachings via social media effectively.

He stressed the urgency of adapting to technological advancements, acknowledging the challenge posed by the dissemination of such teachings online compared to physical means. — Bernama