KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 29 ― Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today said that any member of his Cabinet found involved in corrupt practices must be dismissed from their positions to save the country from corruption.

Anwar said he has also directed the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to take action against ministers found involved in such practices.

“We have been in power for over a year...I have been asking in Parliament and outside Parliament for anyone with information about a corrupt minister or a prime minister to come forward with solid proof, if there’s any, we will investigate and prosecute according to the laws...but there was none and after one year and three months now, I salute all my friends (in Cabinet) for helping me to uphold the image of clean and corruption-free government.


“The message is also clear for the MACC to always monitor every tender and decision made and not to spare any minister from their investigations.

“If they (MACC) ask me, I would say go ahead and take the necessary action and that minister must be dropped (from the Cabinet). That’s the way to keep the country safe,” he said when opening the National Anti-Corruption Summit (NACS) 2024 here today.

Anwar also advised Cabinet members to evaluate and scrutinise any approved projects before proceeding to ensure that the process is transparent, clean, and potentially cost-effective.


He said this was important to save public funds and subsequently return them to the people for mutual benefit.

“Fighting corruption is not just the MACC's job, it's our job ― if we heard it, report it, but don't make false accusations, don’t sabotage.

“That’s why I have also proposed to MACC to organise talks on corruption across the country because there are many among the elites, politicians, corporate figures and government officials who are uncomfortable with talks on corruption as they live and engage with it,” he said.

The prime minister also questioned the silence of Opposition leaders who are seen not expressing any support for the MACC's efforts to investigate high-profile figures associated with corruption.

Anwar said the Opposition instead accused the investigations carried out against those high-profile figures and super-rich individuals as motivated by personal vendettas.

“In Parliament, the Opposition seems agitated, angry and resentful. There is no voice from the opposition bloc supporting steps to combat corruption, which I find strange.

“When I was in the Opposition, whenever the government proposed initiatives for the MACC, I supported them. In fact, I even criticised it if I think it was not bold enough,” he added. ― Bernama