KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27 ― Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organisation (Mapim) today called for an international movement to launch global pressure to enter Gaza, Palestine by sending a fleet of ships carrying humanitarian aid.

MAPIM president Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid in a statement today said this is because a global movement with a flotilla of ships through the Mediterranean Sea is the only way to get to Gaza.

“All able and willing nations should participate in sending their fleet of ships carrying humanitarian aid which has been barred from entering Gaza. The call for a united action to get humanitarian aid to the 1.5 million starving and displaced people in Gaza should not be delayed anymore.


“All governments calling for a ceasefire should not hesitate to participate in this last move to save Gaza from the carnage. International pressure must be exerted to force open the blockade of Gaza and channelling of the aid must immediately be extended,” he said.

At the same time, Mohd Azmi said the United Nations (UN) and all international agencies have failed to prevent the crime of genocide by the barbarism of Israel in Gaza.

He stressed that Israel has imposed a crippling siege on the Gaza Strip since 2006 that has undermined even the most basic healthcare, food, drinking water, as well as essential life-supporting infrastructure.


He said since October 7, 2023, the destruction of infrastructure and extermination of lives by lethal bombardments and cutting off humanitarian aid has created an apocalypse in Gaza.

“The more than 140 days of the most brutal massacre of the Palestinians in Gaza, even during the ongoing trial in the ICJ against Israel, Israel has conducted relentless bombardments, killing hundreds each day.

“Five months of aggression with more than 29,000 civilian deaths (including more than 15,000 children) and 70,000 injured is more than enough to conclude that Israel is committing the most heinous war crime and crime against humanity,” he added. ― Bernama