KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25 — Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) enforcers have been instructed to take stern action against traders who rent out Ramadan bazaar sites to others, said the Prime Minister’s political secretary, Datuk Azman Abidin.

He said this following allegations that Ramadan bazaar sites in previous years had been exploited by irresponsible parties who took advantage by renting out the sites at higher rates to other traders.

“We have informed DBKL enforcers that we need to be stricter this year. If we find any traders who obtain (sites) and rent them out to others, we will immediately revoke their licences and they will not be allowed to trade anymore by DBKL,” he said when met after the ‘Back To School’ aid initiative at the DBKL Training Institute here today.

Azman said that although the issue is challenging to address, DBKL has a task force to enforce action against such offences.


“We cannot identify them (those who rent out sites and sell licences) because when caught, the tenants will claim they are working for the license-holder.

“This is one of the problems we face. But we are trying to ensure this does not recur,” he said. — Bernama