KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 23 — Ten food items have been gazetted as heritage foods in a Declaration of Heritage Object 2024 by the Heritage Commissioner Mohamad Muda Bahadin today.

They are:

1. Burasak is a rice dumpling cooked with coconut milk and wrapped in banana leaf. A delicacy of the Bugis, it is very popular in Johor.

2. Mi kolok is a dry rice noodle dish from Sarawak.


3. Nasi Ambeng is a Javanese dish of steamed white rice, chicken curry, beef or chicken rendang, bergedel, and serunding. Popular in Johor and Selangor.

4. Dodol Kukus Tahi Minyak is a popular Pahang-style dodol.

5. Kueh Lapis is a steamed layered kueh which apparently has Indonesian origins.


6. Kuih Karas is made of rice flour and a traditional kueh in Kedah.

7. Uthappam is a thick thosai with toppings, and is of South Indian origin.

8. Jeruk Tuhau is a pickled wild ginger from Sabah.

9. Bak Kut Teh is pork ribs in an herbal broth served with steamed white rice originating from Klang.

10. Air Katira is a cold drink very popular during Ramadan and made with Katira gum, evaporated milk and fruit.

Mohamad Muda said the food items were gazetted as heritage objects via the powers conferred to him by subsection 49(1) of the National Heritage Act 2005 [Act 645].