PUTRAJAYA, Feb 21 — The Parliamentary Special Select Committees are the best forum to monitor the progress of each ministry in the unity government compared to the shadow Cabinet formed by Perikatan Nasional (PN), said Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil.

In fact, he said the committees actually play the check-and-balance role in Parliament as they were made up of Members of Parliament from various parties.

“So, I call on our friends in PN to serve better through the Parliamentary Special Select Committees which can convene at any time. The platform is already there, just waiting to be fully utilised,” he told a post-Cabinet meeting press conference here today.

In February last year, PN unveiled the formation of the coalition’s shadow Cabinet to coordinate the opposition coalition’s role in Parliament, and on February 8 this year announced the list of its shadow ministers.


There are currently ten Parliamentary Special Select Committees listed on the Parliament’s website, including the Special Select Committee on Human Rights, Elections and Institutional Reform; Security; Health; and Finance and Economy. — Bernama