SIBU, Feb 13 — The Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) advises the public to stay vigilant during leisure activities along riverbanks amid the current northeast monsoon season.

JBPM Sarawak, Sibu Zone fire chief, Andy Alie said the public must remain alert to any changes in river conditions to avoid possible water surges.

He listed the early indications of a water surge as a rapid increase in water levels, changes in the colour of the water, stronger currents, and the presence of floating debris on the water’s surface.

He advised taking immediate safety measures if such signs are spotted, by relocating to a safer area and calling the fire department.


“My advice to the public is to be careful during recreational activities, especially during this Northeast Monsoon season. Please keep informed about the weather conditions and ensure campsites are set up at a safe distance from the riverside,” he told Bernama.

He addressed the incident involving nine families from Bintulu, who were camping along Sungai Yong in Kapit and got caught in a water surge on Sunday.

Andy also advised individuals planning camping or recreational activities in river areas or non-public recreation locations to inform the nearby police station as a safety measure. — Bernama