KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 6 ― International hacker group R00TK1T has threatened to unleash further attacks on Maxis after the green telco issued its official response on the cybersecurity incident yesterday afternoon. Refuting the official statement which claimed that the incident only affected third-party vendor systems, R00TK1T has urged Maxis to come clean or else they will unleash further chaos on their network.

At 7.31pm yesterday, R00TK1T claimed to have infiltrated what appears to be one of Maxis’ employee dashboards to prove that their systems are not as impenetrable as they seem. They issued another threat to shut down their systems and expose precious data and vulnerability every two hours if Maxis fails to acknowledge their successful breach.


A couple of hours later at 9.31pm yesterday, R00TK1T claims to have breached Maxis’ Kulim Network by bypassing their firewall. In one of the shared screenshots, it appears that the hacker group might have performed a factory reset on one of their Agrotech-related systems.

The group reiterated that the clock is ticking and they are more eager to expose more vulnerabilities.


Two hours later at 11.34pm, R00TK1T issued a final warning and shared another screenshot of a system which seems to show current connections at Quayside Mall in Kota Kemuning. It added that they have an elite squad of “52 highly skilled mercenaries” who are eagerly awaiting their command.

At 3.01am this morning, R00TK1T said Maxis’ continued ignorance has only field their determination. It added that the green telco will soon realise the full extent of the attack after denying any compromises of their systems.

Interestingly, it mentioned that it expressed gratitude to disgruntled employees who have provided them with inside information about the authorities and large companies in Malaysia. Besides Maxis, R00TK1T warned that they are collectively targeting all companies in Malaysia and they will not stop until their message is heard loud and clear.

The hacker group declared last week that they are targeting Malaysia’s digital infrastructure. Their first target was Aminia, a telecommunications vendor. Besides Maxis, the group also claimed to have attacked YouTutor, an online learning platform.

We have reached out to Maxis for a response on the latest threats. ― SoyaCincau