KUCHING, Jan 13 — A large crocodile measuring 11 to 12 feet is said to have been spotted at the river near Kampung Nonok and Kampung Sampun in Asajaya.

The Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) in a Facebook post advised those residing there to be extra cautious especially when going to the river.

It also called on them to take safety tips to avoid crocodile attacks, including not throwing rubbish particularly food leftovers which may attract the reptile.


Earlier, the Sarawak Edition Facebook page had forwarded a warning following the sighting of the crocodile.

It is said the river around the two villages is a source of livelihood for the locals, as most of them are involved in catching fish, crabs, clams and shellfish either using nets, fishing lines or other traps. — Borneo Post