MIRI, Dec 7 ― The High Court here yesterday set January 9 next year to decide on whether the appointment of Sakaria Pada as headman of Penan village Kampung Ba’ Pakan in Patah, Baram was rightful.

The court had previously granted leave to commence a judicial review filed by a group of six Penans led by Julian Joy Singa.

Counsel Roland Engan, representing the applicants, said the court’s decision would potentially revoke or retain the appointment of Sakaria as the village’s headman.


The judicial review was filed against four respondents namely Sakaria, the Miri Resident, Sarawak State Secretary, and Sarawak government.

Counsel Justin Lau represented the respondents.

Both counsels had presented their arguments before High Court Judge Dean Wayne Daly. ― Borneo Post