JOHOR BARU, Dec 6 — Several residents in Jalan Mas, Taman Kolam Air, here were forced to break down their house doors and roofs to save themselves from being trapped during a flash flood this evening.

Muhammad Ikram Md Rashid, 24, realised that he was trapped after hearing someone banging his door.

“I was lying when I hear someone banging the door. When looked out of the window, flood water has already risen to chest level.

“I shouted for help as those of us who are in the house could not get out. Luckily after about 20 minutes, some neighbours came to break down the front door,” he said when met by Bernama here today.


Muhammad who is working in Singapore could not go to work today and could only escape with the shirt on his back.

Meanwhile, Joshua Abraham, 29, who is renting there said he and his friends have to riff off the roof of a house to save rescue a friend.

“All of us were shocked and we could hear people shouting but we could not do anything. I am afraid of my passport as I am working in Singapore,” said Joshua who is from Kuala Lumpur.


He also could not save his motorcycle and car as the water rose very fast.

Meanwhile, a trader P. Kili, 50 was worried after being hit twice by flash floods with this time being the worst.

Kili who has three shops including a doby and wedding item store, feared all the goods and equipment would be damaged.

“Seven washing machines and two refrigerators were under water. All of them were damaged.

“In the first flood last year, it was just knee level and I already lost thousands of ringgit,” she lamented.

Continuous heavy rain for two hours in the city since noon resulted in about 25 locations inundated in this major flash flood. — Bernama