KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 6 — Eligible Malaysians can apply to redeem their RM100 eMadani eWallet credit since Monday (December 4) and most individuals have received their credit if they fulfil the initiative’s requirements.

However, some have applied but their redemption was rejected despite meeting the criteria. Here’s what you can do to appeal if you’re eligible to receive the RM100 eWallet credit.

eMadani RM100 eWallet credit eligibility

To recap, the eMadani RM100 eWallet credit is offered to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  1. Malaysian citizen
  2. 21 years old or older in 2023
  3. Is a Sumbangan Tunai Ramah recipient (as of 7th November 2023) or earning RM100,000 or less per year based on LHDN’s records (as of 15th July 2023)
  4. Have not received RM200 eWallet credit under eBeliaRahmah
  5. Have completed the electronic Know-Your-Customer (e-KYC) verification process with the eWallet of choice (Setel, Shopee Pay, TNG eWallet or MAE)

How to file a dispute if you fulfil eMadani criteria?

An application could be rejected if the registered details such as your name and IC are incorrectly entered or if you do not fulfil the citizen, age and income requirements. Some claimed to have gotten rejected due to no LHDN tax filing records found for the year 2022.

In case you didn’t know, each eligible Malaysian can only redeem the RM100 eWallet credit once from one of the four participating eWallets. Any repeated redemptions will be rejected if you’ve already received the RM100 eWallet credit.


If your eMadani application was rejected by the eWallet despite fulfilling all the requirements, you can file a dispute with the steps below:

Report eMadani dispute on Setel

If you’re using Setel to claim your RM100 eWallet credit and the application is rejected, you are urged to submit a dispute to [email protected]. According to Setel, if the application failed due to invalid identification, you may need to send additional information for verification during the dispute process.

Report eMadani dispute on Shopee

According to Shopee, if you’re certain that you meet the above criteria, you can contact their customer service to raise a dispute. Just select eMadani Claimants as your user type, select “eMadani Unable to claim” and fill in your personal details. You can attach screenshots as supporting images.

Report eMadani dispute on TNG eWallet

If you’re claiming the RM100 eWallet credit via Touch ‘n Go eWallet, you can file a dispute if your application is rejected. You can do so by submitting a request, and then select “eMADANI” and “Claim Rejected” as the type of support you’re looking for. You can also provide more details about your eMadani application rejection and attach screenshots as supporting documents.

Report eMadani dispute on MAE

On Maybank, its eMadani FAQ is essentially a copy of MOF’s document. It is stated that there is a dispute process where you can reach out to the respective eWallet service provider to whom you have submitted your claim for further assistance.

Under Maybank’s eMadani terms and conditions, it mentions that for any dispute relating to the operation of the eMADANI, MAE by Maybank2u and/or Scan & Pay function, you can reach out to Maybank Group Customer Care at 1300-88-6688 or write to them at [email protected]. — SoyaCincau