KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11 — The Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) expects the number of vehicles plying the North-South Expressway, the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway and the East Coast Expressway 1 and 2 to increase to 2.3 million in conjunction with the Deepavali holiday.

LLM said that all highway concessionaires have been instructed to make thorough preparations, so that motorists’ journeys are safe and smooth throughout the festive period.

It includes ordering the concessionaires to stop construction and maintenance works involving the closure of lanes, starting yesterday until Tuesday (November 14).

“Apart from that, the operation of the highway and all facilities are functioning well, especially in the R&R (Rest & Service) areas and lay-bys, as well as the toll collection system with additional temporary lanes.


“Concessionaires were also instructed to add parking facilities and portable toilets at some R&Rs; increase the number of staff; and ensure the adequacy of water and fuel supply at petrol stations in addition to activating smart lanes at some locations,” it said in a statement.

LLM said that, although the free toll initiative is implemented today and tomorrow, motorists are advised to tap their Touch ‘n Go cards for entry and exit, as per normal. For SmartTag and RFID users, just drive through the dedicated lane as normal.

Apart from toll exemption, LLM urged the public to ensure a sufficient balance in the cards, so as not to contribute to congestion at the toll plazas, and to use the same mode of payment for entry and exit. — Bernama