JOHOR BARU, Oct 13 — “I am still alive. I am looking for an area with internet coverage to provide you with the latest updates.”

Those were the two posts uploaded by MyCARE Gaza manager Dr Ziad Shehada on his Facebook account earlier, providing the current situation faced by the Palestinian people up to today, after the conflict in the Gaza Strip erupted on Saturday.

According to MyCARE honorary advisor, Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor, Ziad has maintained regular contact with MyCARE headquarters, keeping them updated about the status and developments in the turbulent area.

“He has been reaching out to MyCARE from time to time to provide updates, relying on unstable internet connections in the area. Ziad added that it is hard for them to move around, and also that there is a possibility of being attacked at any time.


“He is alive, but living from day to day, without being able to predict what will happen next,” he told Bernama, when contacted.

Hafidzi added that the Israeli authorities have prohibited the entry of essential supplies, including food and energy, into the Gaza Strip, making it difficult to distribute aid until now.

“We expect the worst to happen. Food and medicine supplies are expected to run out in a day or two if emergency aid cannot be distributed immediately.


“Thus far, we have collected over RM700,000 from Malaysians. From the first day of the attack, we have also provided US$20,000 for medical assistance,” he added.

He hoped that Malaysians would continue praying for the safety of Palestinians, giving them patience and strength to endure and continue helping those oppressed by the Israeli regime.

“The most important thing is that we (Malaysians) and all Muslims are being tested to see how much moral and material support we provide to the Palestinian people. Their sacrifices are huge and incomparable,” he said.

The recent clashes in Palestine, involving Hamas, the ruling authority in Gaza, and the Israeli regime, resulting in the loss of hundreds of lives on both sides.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health today, the death toll in the Gaza Strip and West Bank has surged to 1,567 fatalities, with over 7,000 injuries. — Bernama