KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 29 — After stopping the service way back at the start of the first MCO, Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERL) has announced that they are reopening the flight check-in facilities at KL Sentral.

Malaysia Airlines will be the first airline to return, with other airlines expected to join some time later.

The counters will begin operations on September 1, from 6am in the morning and stopping at 10pm daily.


The service is open for both International and Domestic flights for Malaysia Airlines. Using the facility is similar to checking in at KLIA.

You just need to head to the ERL ticket counter to buy a ticket, head to the counter to check-in and drop off your bags at the counter — the bags will be tagged to the destination and automatically transferred onto your flight at KLIA seamlessly.


Both ERL and Malaysia Airlines have reminded customers to check in at least two hours before their flight.

Checking in at KL Sentral has the advantage of seamless transfer of your luggage from the KLIA Express to your flight — you don’t need to lug it around again at the airport and the KLIA Express journey will take only 28 minutes one way so it is a fast and easy way to head to KLIA for your flight.

ERL will also be offering RM10 off for passengers purchasing KLIA Ekspres tickets.

The RM10 voucher, which is available for a limited time only, will be given to each adult passenger using the airline check-in facility at KL Sentral and is valid for redemption until December 31, 2023.

Previously, along with Malaysia Airlines, passengers of Cathay Pacific and Malindo Air (now known as Batik Air) could check in at KL Sentral for the KLIA Express journey.

There is also potential for new airlines to open check-in counters at KL Sentral moving forward.

Unfortunately. there is no mention if airlines at KLIA Terminal 2 will be able to take advantage of this feature in the future. — SoyaCincau