KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 19 — The Home Ministry has reportedly raided Toko Buku Rakyat, a bookstore owned by local author and educator Benz Ali.

Malaysiakini reported that the officials raided the store at Wisma Central here at 4pm yesterday, and confiscated two books: Marx Sang Pendidik Revolusioner, a Malay translation of Karl Marx: The Revolutionary as Educator by Robin Smalls, and Benz's own book Koleksi Puisi Masturbasi. None of them are on the banned books list.

“When you seize books that have no problems and do not return them, that means you stole. It's a robbery, you take it through 'haram' ways'.

“I don't have time to give a blank cheque to enforcers who do as they will just because they have the powers and wear vests,” Benz wrote on his Facebook account.


Benz was reported saying authorities took one copy of each of the two titles, citing the Printing Press and Publications Act 1984.

On reading social media platform Goodreads, Karl Marx: The Revolutionary as Educator is described as telling the story of German-born philosopher Marx as a radical educational thinker, examining his schooling and education.

Meanwhile, Benz's book, which title translates as Collection of Masturbatory Poems, is described as a collection of poetry referring to not the sex act, but the practice of self-satisfactory intellectual discussions.


Last month, Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group filed a lawsuit against the Malaysian government and Home Ministry officials to seek compensation and the return of 172 seized Swatch-branded watches which were allegedly linked to Pride, otherwise known as the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights movement.

In its lawsuit, Swatch Group wants the High Court to issue an order to quash the Home Ministry’s seizure notices in May for the 172 watches worth RM64,795, and a court order for all the seized watches to be returned within five days of the order.

In January, Anwar told an interview that the LGBT, the concept of a secular state, and communist ideology will never be recognised during his administration.