KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 — DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke today accused his former lecturer and party senior P. Ramasamy of telling lies about what transpired behind the scenes over the latter’s omission as a candidate for the Penang state election.

Loke rejected Ramasamy’s assertion that he was not shown any courtesy in being informed beforehand after the party leadership chose to replace him as the Perai candidate.

“I strongly deny the allegations of the former Penang deputy chief minister P. Ramasamy said that I did not have the courtesy to inform him of the decision to not name him as a DAP candidate in this state election,” Loke said in a statement.

He said face-to-face meetings were held with every incumbent assemblyman who was not chosen to stand for reelection.


“I feel most regretful with Dr Ramasamy who is willing to lie about this matter. This lie has made me lose all respect for him as my former lecturer,” Loke added.

He added that the meeting with the DAP reps lasted for over an hour, and this was the reason why he was late for the candidate announcement ceremony on the same day.

“I repeat that anyone who leaves the party after not being re-nominated in the election is a person who is not sincere and loyal to the party’s cause.


“They only ride the party for rank and position. When there are no more positions, the party is abandoned,” Loke said.

Earlier, Loke had said that Ramasamy’s decision to quit the party showed that he was not sincere all those years, despite being given the opportunity to serve the state as its deputy chief minister since 2008.

Ramasamy, on the other hand, had claimed that a political purge was carried out in Penang DAP, resulting in young candidates such as Yeoh Soon Hin, Soon Lip Chee, and Satees Muniandy being dropped.

He reportedly said this was an attempt to side line those who were perceived to be supporting caretaker chief minister Chow Kon Yeow.

The five state excos who were dropped apart from Ramasamy, Yeoh (tourism, arts and culture) and Soon (youth and sports) were DAP Wanita chief Chong Eng (caretaker social development and non-Islamic religious affairs exco) and Phee Boon Poh (welfare and caring society).

However, Loke reportedly said he will propose Yeoh to be named the Penang Port Commission chairman.

The seven new faces are Phee Syn Tze who will be contesting in Sungai Puyu, Chee Yeeh Keen (Bagan Jermal), K. Krishnan (Bagan Dalam), S. Sundarajoo (Perai), Woo Sze Zeng (Pulau Tikus), Wong Yee Harng (Pengkalan Kota), Tan Hooi Peng (Seri Delima) and Wong Hon Wai (Paya Terubong).

Wong Hon Wai was formerly the Air Itam assemblyman and a state exco between 2008 and 2013. He was the Bukit Bendera MP between 2018 and 2022.

DAP national chairman Lim Guan Eng will continue to defend his Air Putih state seat which he has held since 2008.

Former Pengkalan Kota assemblyman Daniel Gooi Zi Sen will be contesting in Padang Lalang this time around, taking over from Chong.

Meanwhile, new candidate Phee Syn Tze will be defending her father, Phee Boon Poh’s seat, Sungai Puyu.