BALING, July 22 — Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail has urged for a more comprehensive screening and profiling process for foreign artistes before they are allowed to perform in the country.

He said that even though the government adopts a friendly approach in accepting any artiste to perform, it must not sacrifice the values, culture and religious beliefs of the country.

“Organisers must learn from this incident because something that is considered good abroad is not necessarily the same in our country.

“So it is the responsibility of the organiser to assess a performance so that it is compatible with local cultural practices and sensitivities,” he told reporters after the Malaysia Madani — Human Capital and Personality Development Seminar in Kuala Ketil here today.


He was commenting on the distasteful behaviour of British band The 1975 at the Good Vibes Festival 2023 in Sepang last night.

Saifuddin Nasution said that although entertainment is widely enjoyed in Malaysia, the band’s behaviour demonstrated a disregard for good values and is deemed unacceptable.

In regards to the vocalist’s criticism of Malaysia’s LGBT laws, he said that international performers have a duty to educate themselves on a country’s laws.


“Let this episode serves as a valuable lesson for everyone. Having watched the video clip that was shared with me multiple times, I noticed that there were no sentences that were not laced with cursing. He also openly consumed alcohol and engaged in behaviour that contradicted local values and culture.

“I think they can convey or voice their frustration with some rules that are considered to restrict freedom and so on, but they have to know that this country upholds the rule of law,” he said, adding that no religion in this country can accept the band’s behaviour. — Bernama