KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 — Perikatan Nasional (PN) election director Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor got himself a new account on TikTok just hours after suggesting his first was removed due to government interference.

The new account under the moniker @sanusimdnor74 has garnered over 19,000 followers so far.

The first video was published about 3am titled “I just uploaded a new profile photo” with his picture included in it.

The video gained more than 7,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments at of time of writing.


Since then, a second video has been added, and titled “Konvoi Perikatan Nasional Kawasan Sik ke Tasik Gubir” (Sik Perikatan Nasional’s convoy to Tasik Gubir).

In a video on the Twitter account of PAS-owned organ Harakah Daily late last night, Sanusi said he was not able to access his first TokTok account under the moniker @sanusimdnor when he wanted to upload some videos to explain several accusations against him.


He claimed his parents too were unable to access the platform.

“Opened TikTok, it was gone. We just started popularising it, but that front that we were using is gone. We can’t go on TV, they don’t allow, can’t go on radio.

“We just use TikTok and Facebook. Today’s kids don’t use Facebook anymore, it is for old people,” Sanusi said.

In the Twitter video, he also compared the federal “unity government” to North Korea by restricting media freedom.

Sanusi, who is also the caretaker Kedah menteri besar, claimed the federal government feared a free media and restricted his access to public platforms, including local television and radio channels.

“They are afraid of a free media, 5.2 million (likes) and comments removed completely, millions of followers too.

“That’s the PH era now, Malaysia is moving to be like North Korea.

“North Korea is a communist country that restricts all media and doesn’t let its citizens know anything,” Sanusi said.

He claimed to be under attack by his political rivals, and gave several examples such as being linked to the purchase of a luxury house owned by his elder brother and that he was unable to defend himself properly because his first TikTok account had been removed.

“After this, horrifying and frightening news will come to you all. Today alone I was shot five times, the bungalow case, the case is this, tonight the rare earth elements case. I have all the explanations. I wanted to upload it on my TikTok but couldn't access it.

“They tie your legs, tie our hands, then tell us to fight. If they're really men, give me back my TikTok account,” he said in the Twitter video on Harakah Daily from an event in Sik, Kedah last night.

The outspoken PAS politician has been making national headlines in recent days, the latest relating to his remarks about the Selangor Ruler.