IPOH, July 10 — Ipoh Timur MP Howard Lee’s political secretary Mohamad Norriduan today said that PAS president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang’s recent remarks on DAP were designed to incite and provoke sentiments related to race, religion and royalty (3R) ahead of the upcoming state elections.

He said that Hadi’s allegations that DAP has a Chinese racial agenda that seeks to destroy Malay and Bumiputera supremacy are baseless.

“The party’s struggle is clear, whereby DAP supports the position of Islam as the official religion of Malaysia with freedom of religion protected under Article 11 of the Federal Constitution, and the special position of the Malays stipulated in Article 153 of the Federal Constitution,” he told a press conference.

He also that Hadi’s remarks contradicted the warning of Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Razarudin Husain who reminded all parties not to play up sensitive issues, especially the 3Rs, ahead of the start of campaigning for the state elections.


“Therefore, we have filed a report so that the police can investigate this matter,” he added.

Earlier, Mohamad Norriduan together with DAP Parit division chairman Tarmizi Mohamad Jam and several other supporters lodged a police report against the Marang MP over his remarks.

On July 8, Abdul Hadi alleged that DAP is continuing the plan started by British colonisers to destroy Malay and Bumiputera supremacy with the support of Malays who have forgotten their roots.


Abdul Hadi said that his party is also pushing for Malay unity to fight against efforts to destroy the Malay race just like what happened to the Native Americans.

He said that DAP has elected Malay spokesmen who have forgotten their Malayness and are neglectful of Islam as their religion, while also labelling Malays who defend their race and religion as racist.