KUALA LUMPUR, June 15 — Malaysia is facing sustainability issues that are more serious such as deforestation and loss of biodiversity that have reached alarming levels, posing a grave challenge to the balance of Malaysia’s delicate ecosystems.

Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Minister Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad said for the recent example, Malaysia has been experiencing a heatwave in the past months that has raised concerns about electricity and water supply adequacy.

“Addressing climate change is not a responsibility limited to the present generation alone, it extends to future generations as well,” he said at Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad (MIDF) Green Conference 2023, today.

Nik Nazmi said that fighting climate change not only requires individuals but also government and corporate sectors in Malaysia by transforming their approach to sustainability, in the way of doing work, business, and living.


There are several ways of government dealing with climate change and these include establishing a policy on cross-border renewable energy (RE) trade that will be implemented through the electricity exchange system and the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45 per cent by 2030, he added. — Bernama