PUTRAJAYA, March 6 — Minister of Economy Rafizi Ramli said that the government intends to focus on three renewable energy sources namely biomass, hydrogen and ammonia after announcing that the country joining Japan-led Asia Zero Emission Community (Azec).

When asked whether Malaysia will consider using nuclear energy, Economic Minister Rafizi Ramli said that Malaysia has ample workforce to handle the three alternative energy sources which is less controversial than nuclear.

“In my opinion, we have a lot of opportunities in other alternative energy sources that are less controversial, compared to nuclear (energy).


“For example, we have an advantage due to our oil and gas industry, an advantage in terms of labour force in the chemical and mechanical industries that were previously worked in oil and gas fields.

“The alternative energy sources that have bigger prospects in our (ministry’s) opinion, for example, hydrogen, biomass and ammonia. These are low-hanging fruit that we should focus on,” he said during a press conference on January 2023 Consumer Price Index (CPI) here today.

Azec is an energy bloc consisting of Japan, Australia and all Asean countries except Myanmar.


Rafizi said the cooperation forged via the new grouping would open opportunities for Malaysia to accelerate green technology transfer and financing for the people’s benefit.

He led a Malaysian delegation to the Azec ministerial meeting in Tokyo, Japan, on March 4 accompanied by officials from the Economy Ministry, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Petroliam Nasional Bhd and Malaysian Investment Development Authority.