KUALA TERENGGANU, March 4 — The government has allocated RM192 million to upgrade the Malaysian Fisheries Development Authority’s (LKIM) Chendering Port here.

Agriculture and Food Security Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu said the project would allow more large-sized fishing boats to dock at the port, thus increasing fish landings.

“The Chendering Port will be dredged for it to return functioning as per its role previously. In terms of the initial works, the state government has dredged the sand (near the port), which cost RM3 million.


“After this, Chendering Port will become active again, more vessels will land fish at the port including larger boats,” he said while visiting Syarikat Amir Vision Sdn Bhd here, today.

Amir Vision is one of the Bumiputera-owned companies involved in the development of modern vessels in Zone C2 of Terengganu.

Meanwhile, Terengganu LKIM director Rosli Mustapa said the Chendering Port was plagued by a shallow estuary and a lack of facilities, making it difficult for fishing boats to land, especially large ones.


“This upgrading work is expected to start in April, beginning with the assessment and study process to build a breakwater as well as for minor infrastructure work.

“Then we will continue with the upgrade project in stages. The port can still be used at present, only there are some inconveniences, as big boats can only enter at high tide and have to take turns because the passage is not big enough,” he said.

According to him, an additional allocation of RM40 million will also be requested from the government to cover the cost of the channel deepening project at the port.

“This amount is not included in RM192 million allocation announced just now,” he added. — Bernama