YALA (Thailand), Feb 18 — The ex-wife of a Malaysian who was shot by an unknown assailant in an incident in Bandar Betong, Yala Province, Southern Thailand on Saturday last week (February 11) was detained by Thai police to assist in the investigation.

Betong Police Chief, Col. Pol. Sanya Thongsawat, confirmed that the 40-year-old Thai national was arrested at a house in Betong on Thursday.

On the same day, he said the police also arrested a man who was the main suspect in the shooting case at a gas station in Chana, Songkhla after the court issued an arrest warrant.

“The police managed to identify the two suspects based on CCTV footage at the scene of the incident and nearby areas.


“The male suspect admitted that he had quarrelled and had a grudge with the victim while working at the entertainment centre owned by the female suspect (the victim’s ex-wife) until he shot the victim on February 11,” he said when contacted by Bernama.

Sanya said the male suspect also confessed that the gun that was used in the incident was discarded on the roadside while on his way to Songkhla, while his motorcycle was hidden in Betong.

“The victim’s ex-wife is believed to have helped the male suspect escape after the shooting incident,” he said.


Last Saturday, the 55-year-old victim was seriously injured in the stomach and thigh after being shot by an unknown assailant in Jalan Chantharothai, Bandar Betong, Yala Province, Southern Thailand.

Bernama reported that the man was shot three times by the suspect while in front of a convenience store at about 9pm (local time).

The victim was taken to Betong Hospital for further treatment and the victim’s condition was reported to be stable. — Bernama