KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 1 — Kajang police have clarified that a woman who claimed to have been denied entry into a Selangor district police station was admitted after she changed into a longer pair of trousers.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Mohd Zaid Hassan said the woman was initially denied entry as she was wearing a pair of shorts above her knees, breaching the dress code for government buildings.

“The issue went viral with the claim that the woman was forbidden entry into the police station despite wearing appropriate clothing.

“The trousers she wore in the picture on Free Malaysia Today (FMT) that went viral were the ones she had changed into after being advised by the officer on duty,” he said in a statement yesterday.


Mohd Zaid said the woman was unhappy after being told to wear more appropriate clothing and provoked the officer on duty and drove off, returning about 15 to 20 minutes later after swapping her shorts for trousers.

He added that she was accompanied by two friends in her second visit to file a police report on her car collision with a truck.

The woman who was identified only as “Karen” in the FMT news report claimed that she was refused entry into the Kajang district police station despite wearing Bermuda shorts that covered her knees.


She claimed a policeman insisted that she change to more appropriate attire, even after she told him she would have to travel “some distance” to do so.

She reportedly claimed that she was wearing Bermuda style shorts that covered her knees.

The woman whose real name is unknown said she had gone to the Batu Sembilan police station in Cheras yesterday to file a report on the road incident with the truck driver, but was told it had to be done at the Kajang police station instead.