KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 6 — Social media and mainstream media must improvise the dissemination and presentation of information to ensure credible information or news reached the young generation (GEN Y) in the country, so as to avoid being influenced by the negative social media trend.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said although at times the young generation is influenced by the social media trend, their ideology will change if they are able to absorb the right information through media reports.

“The young generation are our children, if they don’t listen, have weaknesses...we have not disseminated information in the proper way, for example, issues like race and religion. That is only a small part.

“We need not worry too much, it is only a temporary episode,” he said during a Special Narrative Session With the Prime Minister hosted by Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), tonight.


Anwar said through his sessions with youths, it was evident that they are hungry for facts, change and for their welfare to be taken care of.

Meanwhile, Anwar agreed that the role of the media in the country cannot be ignored although the social media trend looks more effective.

He added that the media was not just a tool for the government or leaders to channel information but it is also a platform to receive criticism and the concern of the people to help assist in Nation building.


“I have no problems (freedom of the press, media), in fact even in Parliament, people in the Parliament (Members of Parliament) criticise me and I listen. Just that when they ‘spit poison from their mouths’, it becomes a battleground with all sorts of accusations, including using Islam and dakwah, so we too must look after our differences,” he said.

Apart from the economy, technology and digital, the Prime Minister said the literature and culture that the media and journalists have is very important in our lives and in aspects of Nation building. — Bernama