SIBU, Dec 13 — Sibu Livestock Farmers Association is hoping the government would allow the floating of egg prices in the market by doing away with the set ceiling price, said Sibu MP Oscar Ling.

According to the Democratic Action Party (DAP) lawmaker, this was among the requests made by the association during the dialogue session here yesterday, which also involved Sibu Pork Dealers Association.

Ling said hard pressed by the ceiling price, livestock farmers felt compelled to limit eggs produced to minimise losses and this has triggered shortage of eggs.

“Because of the ceiling price, a lot of egg farmers don’t want to produce more. They limit their production line to avoid losses. After a discussion, we came up with a few conclusions – egg producers are hoping that the government would allow the free floating of eggs price and not set a ceiling price.


“They are willing to compete with suppliers of imported eggs if the government resolves to that. They hope there will be a free market competition with imported supply.

“This is what they are asking for,” he told a press conference here.

Ling added the eggs-supply issue is ongoing across the country and noted that the average ceiling price of eggs is RM12.90 per tray in Sarawak, while it is a few sen higher in Sabah.


“Now, the government is setting the ceiling price according to the peninsula price, so I think this is not fair for them,” he said.

Also present at the conference were Sibu Livestock Farmers Association chairman Ling Chi Kiong and Sibu Pork Dealers Association chairman Ting Ching Hee. — Borneo Post