PETALING JAYA, Nov 19 ― The Election Commission (EC) has reminded voters for the 15th general election (GE15) not to believe information published on the polling day dress code that will not allow those wearing shorts and slippers to enter the polling station.

Its deputy chairman, Dr Azmi Sharom said voters need not worry because the viral news on the clothing dos and don'ts is fake news.

“The EC has only one rule and that is voters should not wear clothes or hats bearing a symbol of any political party. That’s all.


“All other news stating that shorts cannot be worn, flip flops cannot be used...those are all false. If you have any doubts, get explanations on the EC website,” he said when met by Bernama after voting and surveying the voting process at Sekolah Kebangsaan 2 Sultan Alam Shah, Section 11, here today.

Dr Azmi said Malaysians who are eligible to vote should come to vote at the recommended times or come anytime before 6 pm if there are unavoidable matters.

He said as of this afternoon, the EC had not received any serious complaints or reports regarding the GE15 process, and hoped that the voting process would go on smoothly until the polling station closes at 6 pm today. ― Bernama