KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 14 — Police have identified 292 flash points across the country which have the potential to trigger public order issues during the 15th general election (GE15).

Without revealing further details, the department’s GE15 Operations director Datuk Seri Hazani Ghazali said 51 of the areas would be given special attention to ensure security.

He said this general election was seen as quite challenging, with intense competition among the candidates, while political provocations have also increased the tension.

“Nonetheless, the police have made thorough preparations in terms of training, assets and identifying hot spots.


“The police have also deployed, among others, the FRU (Federal Reserve Force), GOF (General Operations Force) and UTK (Special Action Unit) to ensure that security throughout GE15 is guaranteed, especially during polling day this Saturday,” he said when appearing as a guest on a programme organised by Nasional FM today.

Hazani said among the common offences committed during the election were tearing posters, arguments, inciting acts, demonstrations, Internet offences, preventing civil servants from carrying ballot boxes to polling stations, and preventing voters from going to polling stations.

“These are common misdemeanors that occur during the GE and the scenario that may occur during the announcement of GE results, which is to celebrate with a victory parade. Protest marches and riots may happen after that, but I believe Malaysians are prudent, disciplined and tolerant,” he said.


He said the police had also increased intelligence and monitoring operations at the national borders to ensure security during GE15.

Commenting on police preparations in the face of the monsoon season, he said the department had coordinated with disaster response agencies such as the Civil Defence Force, the Malaysian Armed Forces and the Fire and Rescue Department.

“The police force as the disaster operations commander, will coordinate and take any flood operation action in liaison with other agencies.

“We will also be involved with district officials and the EC (Election Commission) to help flood victims go to the polling station in the event of floods on polling day,” he said. — Bernama