BALING, Nov 12 — Residents of Kampong Iboi and nearby areas strongly hope that the candidate elected to represent the Baling constituents in the 15th general election (GE15) will find a permanent solution to the flood problems there.

Village head Nor Mohamad Che Hussain said after the debris flood tragedy on July 4, villages in Baling have been flooded nine times whenever it rains heavily, causing loss of lives and damage to homes and properties.

“We urge the authorities to immediately deepen Sungai Kupang here so that the large volume of water that flows during rain does not overflow into residents’ homes in low-lying areas,” he said to Bernama here.

According to Nor Mohamad, there were 43 houses at risk of being hit by flash floods, namely 24 units in Kampung Padang Empang, 13 in Kampung Dusun and six in Kampung Iboi.


Meanwhile, Kampung Iboi Community Water Supply chairman Malik Arshad, 59, said that due to the July 4 tragedy, the community water supply, which used to be crystal clear, is now murky, thus affecting the quality of life of some 3,000 residents.

“For years, we have been getting supply from the community water channelled from the hills. In fact, I am the third generation responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the water supply to people’s homes.

“We have repaired the broken pipes caused by the tragedy, but the water is still murky even when it is not raining,” he said.


Meanwhile, Barisan Nasional candidate for the Baling parliamentary seat, Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, said several plans would be implemented to help Baling residents, especially in flood-prone areas.

“I have informed the residents that the flood mitigation project will begin as early as January 2023 since the Finance Ministry has approved projects worth RM200 million in Baling,” he said.

For Pakatan Harapan candidate Johari Abdullah, the efficiency of managing flood-related projects and water supply will be his top priority if he wins in the general election on November 19.

The Baling parliamentary seat will see a four-cornered tussle between Abdul Azeez, Johari, Basir Ab Rahman (Pejuang) and Hassan Saad (Perikatan Nasional). — Bernama