KUCHING, Nov 5 ― One lucky Sarawakian man has scooped up a whopping Magnum 4D Jackpot Grand Prize of RM14.3 million on October 29.

The 66-year-old bought the ticket from a betting station in Kota Sentosa. He usually plays 4D Jackpot by purchasing the system bet lines for RM20, but the winning numbers 8239 and 3336 numbers have a story to tell.

He said the win was unexpected and it was a cry of joy and happiness the moment he found out he had won the jackpot.


“I worked as a technician for many years, renting a ‘kampung’ house from an old couple, who owns both houses next to each other. Due to the couple’s old age and illnesses, they sometimes require assistance.

“Noticing that they were all alone, being kind and compassionate, I decided to take care of them like they were my own parents. They have an old car with the number 8239, and I feel lucky buying the number,” he said in a statement yesterday.

“As for the number 3336, I went to a Chinese temple in Kuala Lumpur few years ago, and I was blessed by a holy entity where I was given this lucky number based on my Chinese astrology. With my story, I now believe that being blessed with good fortunes by holy deities is truly possible.


“I am an ardent supporter of Magnum 4D for the past 40 years, I started buying the classic 4D numbers back when they were still using the handwritten model. When Magnum launched their jackpot, it was easy to place my bet as I will just pair up my usual classic 4D numbers. I super love the jackpot and I will play from 10 to 15 numbers each time,” the big winner shared.

After winning one of the biggest jackpots in history, the winner is extremely happy as he has never won such a big lottery amount before.

“During the result day, I was watching the live results through the Magnum 4D app. The moment I saw both numbers at the top three prizes, I was in disbelief and kept checking the result for a few times. My heart leaped up for joy when I realised my dream has come true. It has been a tough year. This is life-changing,” he said.

When asked how will spend his prize money, the winner said he will share the windfall with his family members, allocate some donations to charity organisations, and enjoy his life by arranging his finances accordingly.

This is the 127th Magnum Jackpot winner since. ― Borneo Post