PETALING JAYA, Oct 26 — Dr Noraishah Mydin Abdul Aziz, a spina bifida sufferer, said she was keen to be PKR’scandidate in the 15th general election and become a voice for an under-represented community.

The senior lecturer from the Universiti Malaya Medical Faculty said she was prepared to quit the civil service in order to represent sufferers of spina bifida, a neural tube disease (NTD), and other persons with disabilities in their fight to improve the country.

“Today is the day! People with disabilities in Malaysia will get a fair chance. I am not going to back down.

“I am not a human who did not want to voice out. I am here for the Malaysians, for children such as mine,” she told a press conference at PKR headquarters.


The fiery 47-year-old activist had spent years researching spina bifida, collaborating with the University of London, working at leading overseas labs for NTD, and continue to work on the matter despite limited funding.

She submitted her candidacy application when deputy president Rafizi Ramli called for public submissions last month, adding that she was frustrated by lack of opportunities in research by the current government and the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE).

“I’m the only person in this country with a functioning laboratory on neurotic defects. I published on neurotic defects regularly.


“Yet time and time again my cohort of researchers who applied for every single MOHE grant, fundamental research grants, long-time research grants and we have been denied! When the only thing I want to do is help children like me walk,” she said.

Noraishah has had spina bifida since childhood. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

After graduating with a Masters in genetics, Dr Noraishah continued her studies at University of London at the Doctor of Philosophy level in the field of medical biotechnology (developmental neurobiology specialisation).

PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said Dr Noraishah will be fielded in Federal Territories in GE15 and will announce her exact seat on Oct 28.

Dr Noraishah is one of the seven high profile community leaders announced by the party today.