KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 — Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) president Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman demonstrated his musical chops in a Deepavali video addressing issues faced by ethnic Indians and calling for Malaysians to vote.

The 2:11-minute video shared to the incumbent Muar MP’s social media accounts saw him attempting a rap with YouTuber Jiven Sekar, influencer Vikneswaran Veerasundar, and video creator Vishfro.

“The old politicians think only of their own pockets. 19 November take them out, go vote!” Syed Saddiq said at the end of the video, referring to the 15th general election Polling Day.

The music video, set in a small recording studio, features the three Indian content creators bringing up issues faced by the Indian community to Syed Saddiq and asking him if voting will truly change anything.


Calling Syed Saddiq a “boy from Muar” and calling him privileged, Jiven said in Tamil: “You’re asking for the vote, but would it change the law?”

Meanwhile, in reply Syed Saddiq called for the institution of reformations and the end of race-based politics, instead championing needs-based politics to ensure nobody is left behind.

In Tamil, he said: “Education is vital for everyone. Let’s work together to achieve it.”


The issues brought up include Malaysian Indians not being viewed as locals and being called foreigners and the quota systems causing Indians to lose out when it comes to job and education opportunities.

“What more do Indians want? Fairness and equality.

“What more do Indians want? Jobs for my community,” said Vikneswaran in his rap.

Syed Saddiq attributes the cause of the problems brought up to old politicians, which he said Malaysians can fight together to make the country stronger.


Happy Deepavali to all my brothers and sisters. Let's work together to make Malaysia better. Spittin bars with @vikarworld, @Jiven Sekar & @Vishfro

Castle on the Hill (Throttle Remix) - Ed Sheeran

On TikTok, the post was viewed over 340,000 times, with nearly 41,000 “likes” and nearly 1,500 comments at the time of writing.

One of the top comments by user Rabbit Mac proclaimed it as “rap song of the year”, while user “azwin” said Syed Saddiq can now be rapper since the Parliament has already been dissolved.

Meanwhile on Twitter, the post has been retweeted over 2,000 times and received nearly 3,000 “likes”.

The top comment there by user Farhan Zulkefly called for the education quota to be reviewed: “There are vulnerable groups in every ethnic community”.

In August, Syed Saddiq made a cameo in hip-hop artist and socio-political activist Namewee’s rap song targeting the country’s “political frogs”.

Syed Saddiq’s appearance comes at the end of the music video where he is in a restaurant and is later seen dancing with Namewee and seven men in suits.