KUANTAN, Sept 4 — A total of 195 Malaysians, believed to be victims of job scam syndicate, were still abroad as of last Friday (September 2), said Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Abdullah.

Most of the victims were reported to be in Cambodia (148 people), followed by Thailand (23 people), Laos (22 people) and Myanmar (two people).

Saifuddin said a total of 65 Malaysians in Cambodia, 10 each in Thailand and Laos, and two in Myanmar had been successfully rescued.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to advise individuals or heirs who are victims of job scam syndicates abroad to come forward and file a police report for further action. All reports or documents received will be sent directly to the Malaysian Representative in the country involved.


“Follow-up actions will be carried out in cooperation with the authorities of the countries involved, subject to the procedures and laws of the countries involved involving investigations, espionage, rescue efforts, documentation and so on, which may take time,” he said at a press conference here today.

According to Saifuddin, the local authorities of the countries involved consistently provide cooperation and assistance to track down any Malaysians who are in their country.

He also advised Malaysians not to be easily deceived and to always be wary of offers to work abroad, as well as to check the validity of the offer with the Representative Office in the country involved or at Wisma Putra.


In addition, they are also advised to get the correct visa (employment visa) before starting the journey, ensure the offer letter and employment contract are understood and sealed in writing, and travel by legal routes.

“Those who often become victims of fraud comprise those in their late teens and early 20s who are attracted by offers such as lucrative salaries of over US$2000, high allowances, and are promised various other facilities including paid vacations and so on,” he said.

Saifuddin said victims can contact the Consular Assistance Unit for Malaysians Abroad at [email protected], and all citizens abroad are advised to register with the nearest Malaysian missions or at https://ekonsular.kln .gov.my/login. — Bernama