PUTRAJAYA, Aug 29 — Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) would work with any party except Barisan Nasional, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today after PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli insisted Pakatan Harapan would reject such a cooperation for the 15th general election.

Muhyiddin said Bersatu and the Perikatan Nasional coalition’s main concern was to prevent the same abuses from Barisan Nasional’s rule and ensure the country was politically stable.

The former prime minister also insisted that Rafizi’s rejection was simply the latter’s own opinion.

“This isn’t my concern, it’s the public’s concerns. So, are you thinking about your party or are you thinking about yourself,” he asked Rafizi after chairing the National Recovery Council (MPN) meeting in Putrajaya today.


“I know the citizens want us to unite, not with the Opposition, but other parties so we can offer something better to the people come the next general election. So, if he says no-go, then no-go for him; for me, I look at it from a different perspective. I don’t want the same things that destroyed our country to happen again.

“I don’t want the same rotten things to keep repeating itself like misappropriating public funds, loss of assets, abuse of power, abusing and not respecting the judiciary, challenging the prime minister, asking for the attorney general to be changed, unhappiness with judges’ decisions; I mean, what on earth is all this?

“It is important at this stage to think about the country first. If you feel this is important, we can sit down after all we can have a cup of coffee and if, in the end, we still disagree, it’s OK,” he said.


Rafizi dismissed talk of cooperation after participating in the Jelajah Trak Ayuh Malaysia programme at Tuanku Abdul Rahman Stadium, Paroi last night.

He said that PKR as the backbone of PH adhered to the principle of a coalition that involves all races in the country, and if the intention to cooperate with PN was only to defeat BN, it would create an unstable government.