PADANG BESAR, July 12 — About 50 houses were damaged when a storm swept through Perlis this morning, said state Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council (MAIPs) Zakat (tithe) coordinating officer, Shuhaimi Nordin.

He said until this evening, they had received reports of 50 houses damaged by the storm that struck Perlis at about 10am.

“The victims were told to immediately lodge police reports and fill in the application form for assistance from MAIPs,” he said today.

He said, however, that the exact estimate of damage and the number of houses involved has yet to be ascertained.

He added that among the storm-hit areas were Mata Ayer, Kampung Panggas Kechil, Kampung Lubok Besar, Kuala Perlis, Padang Pauh and Lubuk Sireh.

One of the victims, Rosnah Daud, 74, described the incident as fated and she accepted it as a test from Allah.

“I do feel helpless but accept this as fated. However, the (damaged) 100-year-old family house holds many memories,” said Rosnah, who lives in Kampung Lubok Besar with her grandson, Muhammad Amir Ashraf, 15.

The mother of three said that when the storm hit, she was busy preparing meals using the Aidiladha sacrificial meats for lunch.

“Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah), we got lucky as I was in the kitchen when the living room collapsed,” she said.

Also sharing her nerve-wracking experience was Sitina Ali, 65, from Kampung Panggas Kechil, who said that she only realised that the roof of her house was blown away upon hearing the screams of her granddaughter, Nor Anati Umarah Muhamad Hairi, 17, who was in the room.

“The incident occurred at about 11.30am. I was hanging the laundry near the kitchen, then when I heard the screams ... and rushed to the front to find her. Alhamdulillah, everyone is safe,” she said. — Bernama