BUTTERWORTH, July 11 — The roofs of at least four houses in Kampung Jawa, Perai here were blown away due to heavy rain and strong winds that hit the area at 5pm today.

The outer walls of two of the semi-detached village homes were also damaged in the incident.

A resident there, Asrul Affendi said three of the four houses were unoccupied while a family that was living in one house managed to escape unhurt.

A video, which lasted about 20 seconds, showing the storm blowing off the zinc roofs of the houses also went viral on social media. It is understood that the storm also hit some areas in Penang.


Meanwhile, a family who was holding an aqiqah (Islamic tradition of the sacrifice of an animal on the occasion of a child’s birth) and thanksgiving ceremony in Kampung Jawa, and 30 of their guests had a frightening experience when the tent that was put up for the ceremony was blown away before getting stuck on a coconut tree near the family’s house.

The guests were having their meals inside the tent, however, no casualties or injuries were reported. — Bernama