IPOH, May 10 — Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad said that local councils can terminate the contract of the concession company appointed for public cleansing and garbage collection services in the state, if there is such an agreement in the clause to do so for underperformance. 

Saarani said that he is aware of the garbage collection issue in several districts in the state.

“Many have complained to me and some even sent messages to me that a lot of garbage was left uncollected in Taiping and Ipoh districts for the past one week.

“I have forwarded the message to the chief executive officer of Majuperak Utilities Management Sdn Bhd (MUM) and also the mayor. The reason they gave is that the garbage have multiplied and also the issue of workers from the subcontractor side,” he said. 


Saarani said it is normal for garbage to increase during the Hari Raya season, with an increase in food waste over the period. 

“The public has complained to the local councils on this matter, but the responsibility lies with the concession company. 

“We will call Majuperak Holdings Bhd to advise Majuperak Utilities Management Sdn Bhd (MUM), as it is owned by them. This has nothing to do with the government as agreement was signed between the local councils and concession company,” he said 


Saarani also said he was made to understand in the briefing that some workers were also taken from other places to the Taiping districts to collect the garbage and the Ipoh City Council also took the necessary measures. 

“As I know, the garbage was cleared but it took about a week. This is not good for public health and also makes for a sore sight,” he said. 

When asked what the authorities should do in order to make sure such problems are not repeated, Saarani said they will review the concession company’s performance as their two-year probation period will be ending in November this year. 

“If they did not perform then we have to find a new company,” he added.