KUALA LUMPUR, May 3 — A total of 28 deaths were recorded due to road accidents on the first day of Aidilfitri yesterday, 19 of them involving motorcycle riders and pillion riders.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Razarudin Husain said six more deaths involved car drivers and passengers, in addition to two pedestrians and one jeep driver.

“The death toll yesterday is the highest recorded since Op Selamat 18 was launched on April 29, compared to 10 deaths on April 29, 18 on April 30 and 20 on May 1,” he told Bernama.

Razarudin said overall, 76 deaths were recorded since the operation was launched, with Selangor having the highest at 10 deaths, followed by Pahang (nine deaths) and Kelantan (eight deaths).


“A total of 29 deaths occurred on federal roads, state roads (21), town roads (nine), highways (seven) and 10 on other roads,” he added.

Razarudin also said 6,932 road accidents were recorded in during Op Selamat 18 till yesterday, with 1,650 cases in Selangor, followed by Johor (920), Kuala Lumpur (688), Perak (674) and Penang (597).

“Town roads recorded the highest number at 2,925 cases, federal roads (1,401), state roads (1,307), highways (731) and other roads (568),” he added.


He added that 211,235 summons were issued for various traffic offences, with 81,753 for speeding. — Bernama