KUALA LUMPUR, March 3 — Frank Steward Panting Sa — who rose to fame recently for trekking two hours uphill for his online university interview — has succeeded in getting into Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI).

His commitment to achieve his dream of becoming a teacher did not escape the attention of UPSI vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Md Amin Md Taff, who confirmed Frank is now officially a student of the university.

In a Facebook post, Md Amin commended Frank for his willingness to trek up Bukit Kelingkang for better internet speed, as well as his father Sa Ujom for building the makeshift hut where Frank sat to attend the interview.

He also revealed that when the news of Frank’s actions went viral on Feb 16, he was rained with WhatsApp messages from friends and acquaintances.


“UPSI is always looking out for students with such a spirit of perseverance to carry forth the banner of Suluh Budiman. May young Frank bring joy and pride to his beloved family.

“Indeed, UPSI has developed from the spirit of its students who never give up. Well done young man,” said Md Amin.

On his own Facebook page, Frank shared a photo of him receiving the offer letter to study at UPSI.


It was handed over by UPSI deputy vice chancellor (student affairs and alumni) Assoc Prof Dr Norkhalid Salimin at the Betong District Education Office.

The 19-year-old was a former student of SMK St Augustine, Betong.

In the recent viral video posted by elder brother Mario Sa, Frank is seen sitting on a bemban mat in the makeshift hut attending the interview.

Mario had said that due to heavy rain earlier, Frank’s pants got wet and his legs were bitten by leeches but he persisted.

According to Mario, their longhouse – Rumah Suing in Teberu, Ulu Kemalih — is equipped with WiFi but the signal is unable to support the data requirements of online interviews. — Borneo Post